Brand History

In 1963, the Company started with a store that sold construction materials in Lad Prao area. With honesty and fairness at the core, the Company had gained recognition and was widely accepted in the real estate development industry. In 1981, the Company had gathered lands with high growth potential and proper infrastructures in the Northern Bangkok and the surrounding areas for the future development according to consumer needs. N.C. Housing Public Company Limited, a subsidiary of N.C. Group under the brand “Baan Fah”, was established on February 2nd 1994 by Mr. Namchai Tanthathoedtham to carry on a business in the real estate development industry. Starting off with 20 million baht registered capital; the Company then increased the capital to 200 million baht later in the year 1994 and again in the beginning of year 2008 to 1.2 billion baht to reflect the Company’s investment plan. At present, N.C. Housing Public Company Limited is considered one of Thailand’s leading real estate developers,
with more than 50 projects worth more than 35 billion baht such as Baan Pha Piyarom, Baan Pha Green Park Rangsit Klong 2, Baan Pha Green Park Lad Prao, Pinklao, and Phuthamonthon 1, Baan Pha Lagoon, Baan Pha Rangsit, Baan Pha Tor Fan, Baan Pha Chom Phruk, Baan Pha Klong Luang, Thanyathani Home on Green and NC Royal brand with luxurious houses costed more than 10 million baht. Throughout the past, N.C. aims to become one of the leading real estate developers that focuses on constant improvement in products and services. With collaboration of the team of highly experienced individuals, we strive to develop quality houses with reasonable prices to help build a community that puts high priority on quality of life and family value. Adhering to the policy to conduct business on the basis of honesty and fairness, we are the first company to apply “Fair Contract” as a guarantee to an on-time handover of our products.  This has also helped to build confidence in potential customers while protected consumers’ benefits which make us widely recognized and accepted among the consumers and also the real estate development industry.

The first housing development to receive ISO certification

Through our relentless commitment in improving the quality, N.C. has achieved in being Thailand’s first housing project developer to receive an ISO 9001 certification. The Company believes that this ISO certification will serve as a proof of our commitment to the improvement of quality management and as an evidence to the teamwork and the shared value of our employees to achieve the highest satisfaction of customers, and build confidences in sales and construction management. Adhering to the highest standards of construction, we have up to 5 different quality control points before product handover

• Construction supervisorsง
• Construction engineers (QC Team)
• Internal auditors (employees/project managers)
• Outside quality assurance agencies (SGS)
• Customers

Customer Service

The Company is committed to providing customers the maximum satisfaction by monitoring quality at every step to ensure the highest standards to every house built. Moreover, N.C. also carries out community relations activities within the projects to promote and strengthen relationship between homeowners, ensuring a happy and harmonious community.

Key Success Factors

• The first to initiate a fair contract

We are the first real estate development company in Thailand to apply “Fair Contract” as a guarantee of a timely handover of houses, helping to build trust and confidence in consumers. The style of the “Fair Contract” has been well received by the public and is now served as a model for Real Estate Purchase Agreement that is used by the Office of Consumer Protection Board today.

• The first in Thailand to receive ISO certification

With the aim to continuously improve the quality, N.C. Housing Public Company Limited is considered one of the leading real estate developers in the Northern zone and the Thailand’s first real estate developer to be certified with ISO 9002 in the year 2000. Later on, the Company received ISO 9001 certification for the management of housing development, vacation homes, and commercial buildings maximum customer satisfaction.

Throughout the past, N.C. aims to become one of the leading real estate developers focusing on constant improvement in products and services. With collaboration of the highly experienced team, we strive to develop quality houses with reasonable prices to help build a community that puts high priority on family value, under the core foundation to conduct our business with honesty and fairness.

Creating quality society

N.C. is committed to creating a community with high quality of life under the management of Quality Living Management Company Limited. (QLM), a subsidiary of N.C. Group. QLM is Thailand’s first community management company to receive ISO 9001, which is considered to be the role model in providing comprehensive community management service which includes living quality management in the “Baan Pha” projects, internal community management, common area management and encouraging and upholding the practice of living in harmony and kindness, as one of the valuable characteristics of the Thai culture.

N.C. sees the importance of the “promises to customers” as the commitment of the Company to never stop improving its quality management in order to deliver quality and punctuality.