Company and Subsidiaries’ Business Profile

shareholder structure of N.C. Group

as of Decmber 31,2019

Remark: * Tanthathoedtham family include Tanthathoedtham shareholders and related partes

Business Overview

N.C. Housing Public Company Limited operates the property development business. In the category of housing estates and land for sale under the name of the Project “Baan Fah”, under emphasis on project design concepts in the specific style of each project. As well as managing the community after the sale to make a difference in the quality of life in the community of the residents when compared to other projects. The company prioritizes on the selection of good location, together with the utilities and having its potential for future growth.

At present, the Company has the project covering cities, 4 urban zones and large provinces such as Chonburi, Khonkaen and Chiang Mai. The projects were named according to their location and concept as follows :